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VDE Standard. VDE Approval profile, VDE Introduction-Ningbo qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd.
2011-08-15 21:36:40

VDE Standard. VDE Approval profile, VDE Introduction-Ningbo qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd.


VDE Standard. VDE Approval profile, VDE Introduction

VDE is the German national product logo. VDE testing and certification bodies Association of German Electrical Engineers Association is a subsidiary body, which was established in 1920 as an internationally recognized safety testing electrical and electronic parts and components, and the certification body, both in Europe and enjoys a high international reputation . Customers around the world, the demand for VDE approval was constantly rising trend. VDE testing and certification bodies Association of European and international standards under the current year is approximately 2200 customers in Germany and about 2700 foreign customers to 18,000 times the test. Today, the world has more than 200,000 kinds of products have VDE safety certification.
VDE's full name is Prufstelle Testing and Certification Institute, which means that the German Electrical Engineers Association.
Founded in 1920, is Europe's most experienced test pilot certification and inspection bodies is one of the announcement by the EU institutions and authorized international CB CE members. In Europe and internationally, to get the CENELEC European electrical products certification system, CECC Electronic Components Quality Assessment of the European co-ordination system, the IEC electrical products worldwide, electronic components and other certification system recognized. Assess a wide range of products including household and commercial uses electrical, IT equipment, industrial and medical technology equipment, materials and assembly of electronic components, wire and cable.

VDE certification testing organizations
In Germany Offenbach (Offenbach) of VDE testing / certification bodies, is part of German Electrical Engineers (VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnikere.v. Referred to as VDE), founded in 1920. As a neutral, independent body, VDE laboratory based applications, according to the German national standard VDE standards or European EN, or IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards on electrical product testing and certification, is Europe's most experienced in the world to enjoy it one of the high reputation of the certification bodies. Containing VDE testing and certification system. VDE mark in the field of electrical equipment for a very well-known certification marks, especially in the electrical components (such as circuit breakers, electromagnetic switches, wires / cables, plugs ... etc), but many manufacturers generally apply to represent a symbol of quality. VDE certification marks in the country now is that many manufacturers are also intended to apply to certification marks. It is nearly 2,200 per year for the 2700 German companies and customers in other countries to complete a total of 18 000 certification program. Begging to date, nearly 50 countries around the world have the 200,000 kinds of electrical products VDE mark. In many countries, VDE certification mark or certification mark than their more famous, especially importers and exporters to be recognized and valued. In China, the direction of diversification of exports of electrical products, making Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions as importers have made GS (Germany), BEAB (British), IMQ (Italy) and other security certification and CE mark requirements. The majority of the whole plant in the certification process again split up these requirements, requiring their manufacturers to ensure electrical safety parts supplier to get a high level of security certification mark, which is more and more parts production companies want to promote reason outside the VDE mark.
VDE testing / certification agencies are not set up offices in China, so Ruoyu normally takes direct contact with the headquarters in Germany.

VDE Certification Process
1, the first consultation
Applicants to the Center About Us and the status shows to be certified products such as: product type, name, parts, drawings, work schematics, technical data sheets, instructions and other information.
2, an agency relationship
Client (the applicant) and the Agent (China CCC certification inspection technology service center) signed agency agreements, and further to a written contract specifying the responsibilities, powers and obligations to ensure that both the application process can closely cooperate to make applying for jobs can be smoothly and achieve the desired objectives. China CCC Power of Attorney is also certified inspection technology service center must prove that he indeed was to VDE commissioned by the applicant's legal basis.
3, the official application form and structural parameters of table
This is an important document VDE application, the applicant may provide information technology services commissioned by CCC Center for Translation completed, signed by the applicant to send back to VDE.
4, for recognition
VDE received a formal application form and structural parameters form, about 2-4 weeks in the official written confirmation of the application and send invoices, factory inspection questionnaire and other information.
5, sample delivery
VDE application is confirmed at the same time, will send this specific kind of test is based on the requirements and standards. The Service Center can assist applicants to obtain the relevant standards, clarifying all the relevant test items, test methods. After completion of the standard samples must be sent to the domestic requirements of self-test or the laboratory predictions. Forecast after passing the sample can be safe by EMS, arrived VDE send accurate testing. ⑴ Once the test project is all, the central project engineer will promptly notify the applicant in the first time. ⑵ test results may also be flawed. Some mild defects, the project engineer and VDE communication center, just a little correction, do not have to re-send samples, VDE certification that can be. ⑶ test results when there is a major defect, the center of the project engineer with the failure of the applicant. If necessary VDE return samples failed the test for reference analysis. After the sample to be revised and improved procedures for re-examining, re-sending samples until qualified. If within six months to re-send samples, then the cost will be re-tested benefits are many.
6, factory inspection
Minutes before the factory inspection and certification after the fixed or non-certified supervisory review. Factory pre-review, the project engineer to assist manufacturers of central production facilities, laboratory equipment, measurement and control the entire quality system requirements of VDE self. If the review, the inspectors make rectification requirements, the project engineer to assist manufacturing center as soon as possible and discuss the rapid implementation of corrective measures until re-examination qualified.
7, Certification
Passed inspection in the factory premise, if the sample tested, the results will promptly notify the CCC VDE Technical Service Center, VDE certificate will be issued soon.

VDE Certification product range
VDE testing on seven main areas: the
⑴ heating and electric appliances such as: sandwich stove electric tools
⑵ data processing and medical equipment such as: data processing equipment, electronic blood pressure monitor
⑶ lamps and electronic products, such as: light switches
⑷ cables and insulation materials such as: wire insulation sleeve
⑸ installed equipment and control devices
⑹ electronic components
⑺ EMC test

VDE certification mark
Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE)
National Certification Body: VDE-PRUFSTELLE TESTING AND CERTIFICATION INSTITUTEVDE is Germany's leading testing agencies directly involved in the German national standards. UL VDE mark with the same company can be authorized to use only VDE VDE mark. Most people's understanding of the VDE certification to stay on in the electrical components, in fact, VDE Testing In addition to traditional electrical components, wires and cables, plugs and other certifications can be issued the same EMC logo and VDE-GS mark.
VDE mark for equipment based on safety regulations (GSG) of equipment, such as medical equipment, electrical components and wiring accessories.
VDE-GS mark for equipment based on safety regulations (GSG) of the whole apparatus (can replace the VDE Mark).
European ENEC Mark is currently mainly used as lighting and accessories, energy-saving lamps, IT equipment, transformers, switches and other household products.
VDE-EMC mark for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standard equipment.
VDE cable signs for cable, insulated wire and catheter-ray tube.
VDE identification line for cables and insulated cords.
Signs according to CECC CECC (European Electronic Components Committee) standard for testing.
CECC logo can also use the left indicator. VDE-Reg.-Nr.XXXXX.

VDE certification for information to be submitted
1 Product description
2, the model shows the difference
3, circuit diagram
4, German manual
5, parts and materials
6, CB test report
7, other required materials

VDE certified factory audit
VDE factory inspection twice a year in principle. As for the review of the contents of the factory, the main review the consistency of product and samples, but must also review the inspection procedures, records, measurement and other quality control documents.
2 variable displacement engine (VDE), can further improve vehicle fuel economy. This engine technology is best suited for multi-cylinder engines. For example, the 12-cylinder engine, the adoption of this technology, equivalent to install two separate 6-cylinder engine, can drive the need to make an engine run, and let the other is in idle state. In this way, you can always adjust the engine's displacement, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

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